Amanda Mack

Amanda Mack is a Yoga Collective co-founder and teacher. Since her first exposure to yoga in a church basement in the 1970s, she's been hooked. A 500-hour Registered Yoga Teacher, Amanda has been teaching since 2012. She credits Karen and Bruce Greenwood and Lynne Minton, Iyengar and Anusara-trained teachers, for inspiring her love of teaching yoga. Master teachers Sarah Joy Marsh and Mary Lou Weprin are important influences as well.

Amanda teaches universal alignment principles to help students receive the maximum benefits of their practice. She enjoys incorporating yoga philosophy and chanting into her classes as well. More than anything, Amanda loves the community that comes with teaching yoga.


Amanda now lives and teaches yoga at at 8 Limbs Yoga in Seattle.

Annie Moylan

Annie Moylan’s yoga practice was spurred by a sense of curiosity. She started studying Forrest Yoga 3 days a week, then met and studied with Ana Forest for her first 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher certification. Her second certification was a 100-hour Yin Yoga at the Yandara Institute. She has taught at Evolve Yoga, Spirit Path, and Deha in Anchorage. Currently, she blends styles with an intention to keep bodies nimble and build on concepts of alignment for best body mechanics and movement that both strengthens and tones. 

Kristiann Maclean

Kristiann Maclean believes yoga should be accessible to everyone, through all stages of life. Using props to bring ease to each pose and each body, she brings a light, welcoming spirit to her classes and workshops. She enjoys working with people who don't consider themselves "yoga types" and has worked with clients in hospitals, at workplaces, on retreats, in classrooms and with children, in addition to traditional studio classes. Her 500-hours+ training began in 2007 and is alignment-based. She credits yoga master teachers Lynne Minton and Lonnie Chace with helping her find her path to yoga teaching.

Leanna mandala.jpg
Leanna Heffner

Leanna has been practicing yoga since 2008, and has roots as a practitioner in several lineages of yoga asana including Ashtanga, yin, Iyengar, Baptiste, vinyasa, Dharma, yoga therapy, and acro yoga. Leanna has been teaching yoga since 2015 and received her 200-hr RYT certification from the Integrated Being Yoga Teaching Training studying under Margo Sorum and Shelley Christopherson of Yoga Therapists of Alaska, and Megan Piersma of Deha Yoga. Other influential mentors include Judy McClain, Joanie Flavin, and Lauren Collignon.

Leanna centers her classes around building community and connection – to find the place within ourselves where we can let go of self-judgement and find joy through self-discovery, heart-opening, laughter, grounding, coming into our bodies and breath, and supporting one another. Yoga is just the beginning of a life lived more fully, with more awareness, renewal, and allowing ourselves to experience what comes up moment to moment. Leanna teaches yoga with the intent to catalyze these deeper connections, along a pathway to care for our bodies, mind, and spirit. Her classes are deeply rooted in teaching healthy anatomical alignment to reduce injury and enhance strengthening, releasing, and natural posture. She also brings in breathwork, meditation, and chanting to invoke deeper alignment with spirit and authentic self. She is also a believer in the importance of a good dose of laughter and not taking life too seriously. 

Leanna lives in Anchorage, AK with her husband, son, two pups, and two black kitties. She also works full time to run a coalition of organizations in Alaska and Canada focused on addressing climate change and land stewardship.

Becky Michalski

Becky (RN, BSN, C-IAYT, 200hr E-RYT) is a recent graduate of a two-year Yoga Therapy Program at Soul of Yoga in Encinitas, CA. Her yoga journey began over a decade ago, and she has been devoted to the practice and study ever since. As a Registered Nurse with 15 years of experience caring for acute and critically ill patients, she began to yearn to combine her medical knowledge with a deeper understanding of yoga's therapeutic applications for people managing chronic illnesses.  As a Yoga Therapist, Becky strives to teach in a way that honors each individual's needs. She is incredibly passionate about breath-centric asana, Deep Relaxation theory and practice, Pranayama, Yoga Nidra, and Restorative Yoga, and shares aspects of these teachings in her private and group classes. She specializes in teaching yoga to those with underlying medical conditions, including back pain, cancer, and cardiac diseases. Becky is currently teaching yoga and working as a nurse in a Cardiac Rehabilitation Program in Anchorage, Alaska.

Mike Miller

Mike Miller began practicing yoga in 2014 and quickly became devoted. He immediately realized less stress, and over the next year, increased lung capacity and the feeling of growing younger. These mental and physical impacts led Mike to enroll in teacher training in 2016. He graduated as a Hatha Yoga Teacher in May 2017. Mike has taught classes in alignment-based yoga, restorative yoga, vinyasa yoga, and yoga nidra, as well as a workshop for arm balances. Mike loves inversions and taking the mind and body to new and challenging places. Part of Mike's practice that comes through in his teaching involves the other limbs of yoga besides just the asanas. The one facet that Mike likes most about teaching is the connection with the students. Off the mat, Mike likes hiking, climbing, skiing, boating, biking and mountain unicycle riding.

Lisa yoga peak 3.JPG
Lisa Smith Fiegel

​​Lisa Smith Fiegel has loved practicing yoga since she was a young girl watching Lilias Folan on PBS. Lisa completed her 200-hour RYT training in 2007 with Lynne Minton, an Iyengar-inspired teacher, at the Inner Dance Yoga Studio in Anchorage. Lisa taught beginner and advanced yoga for more than 7 years at the Anchorage YMCA. Her current teaching passion is yoga for grief and resilience, offered occasionally, and teaching her children how to downward dog. Lisa is also an ordained Lutheran minister and invites students to bring their own spiritual traditions to their yoga practice. 

Daniel Ward

Daniel’s personal yoga practice began in a small way when he picked up a paperback on yoga from a corner drugstore in Kennewick, WA. The Ethical Principles (Yamas and Niyamas) he learned opened up his eyes and ultimately changed the course of his life. This was the mid-60s and the practice he learned consisted of the only most basic asanas, pranayamas, and meditation. That simple practice saw him through three decades of life’s bumps and bruises, back injuries, and other mishaps. Arriving in Alaska in 2002, he took his first group practice at Inner Dance Yoga Studio in Anchorage and his first hot yoga class from Katey Inman there, a landmark experience! He completed his 200-hour Teacher Training at Anchorage Yoga and began teaching Hot Flow classes in 2011. He completed his 500-hour certification in Prajna Yoga with Tias Little at Santa Fe in 2013. He now embraces a slower more mindful teaching style informed by insights gained from the study of anatomy and bodywork as well as from meditation. He enjoys helping students find mindful methods to sustainably practice their yoga over the long term finding ease and grace in the body and a centered and balanced life. Daniel is an active sub for TYCAK. He also teaches yoga at All Life is Yoga  in Eagle River and has a rolfing business at

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